The Story of My Awakening

By: Sam Adettiwar
June 21-22, 2005. 

It was the night of the full-moon, the last night of my seven-day retreat on the banks of Indrayani River in Alandi, India.  The night was unusually silent except for the soft sound of gentle breezes that were coursing outside.  The meditation quarter was flooded with an incredibly clear and cool moon-light. In the midst of all this, I was sitting still, in a prolonged and deep meditation.  It was then that I experienced something so grand, that, I wonder whether I would ever be able to express it in words without lessening its profundity.  It was that moment when my whole embodiment was pervaded by the bliss of spiritual awakening.

At that moment, while I was experiencing the pervading bliss, I realized that the gentle breezes were now transforming into strong winds and had now begun making the whirling sound.  I did not know why winds were becoming so strong, but, at that moment, it felt as if there were only those winds and nothing else.  There was no feeling of heaviness of the body.  There was simply no feeling of physical presence.  It felt as if there was just that awareness of the winds.

Suddenly a delightful shiver pierced through me, awakening me of my physical presence.  Even though I sensed the body, it felt weightless and empty.  It was a peaceful feeling; a liberating feeling.  As I was experiencing it, I realized that I was smiling spontaneously.  The smiling gesture remained for a long time and simply would not go away.  In fact, even though I tried to relax my face, the smiling gesture continued.  It was the most pure and natural gesture I had ever experienced and I knew it was coming from the realization that the ultimate mystery of the SOUL had been solved. 

What followed after was quite amazing! As I was smiling and experiencing the peacefulness of liberation, suddenly, somehow, I went into the contemplative mode, and, a speed of questions literally blazed into my mind along with flashes of answers to them.  I experienced quite a huge flood of questions and answers.  Many years of contemplative and meditative effort was being awarded in those moments.  The interesting thing was the wonderful sequencing and the rhythmic speed of questions and answers that came to mind.  A question would arise in my mind and immediately an answer would appear for it, almost as if there was nothing separating questions from answers.  It felt like countless knots of unanswered questions were opening up and vanishing, one after the other.  It actually felt like the heaviness of mind was getting evaporated as the knots were opening up and vanishing. 

Sitting amidst the auspiciousness of that full-moon night, I knew for sure that, all the answers to my questions about the SOUL, about the self, and the world had been realized.  I felt I knew with absolute certainty what I knew.  I also felt what I knew at that moment must be true beyond doubt.  I had never felt such confidence and certainty about anything before. 

I was awakened! 

Call it what you want. Awakened. Enlightened.  No matter, the words don’t fit the bill.  Those moments of realization cannot be labeled.

It wasn’t until I returned home after the retreat and looked at the calendar that I recognized it was a full-moon night.  The confidence in my awakening was now absolute, because, I knew that majority of enlightened masters had been awakened or born on the auspicious occasion of the full-moon. 

How contents of this website came about

I never forgot the answers revealed to me that night in June 2005.  I soon realized that I had developed the ability to pose any spiritual question and have the answer revealed instantly in my mind.  I knew this transformation had occurred due to years of persistence and the practice of the most influential teachings of Buddha and Patanjali. I knew I had reached the level of purified intellect.  I also knew I was developing an intensely compassionate desire to help influence the spiritual journey of others.  So, I began writing down everything about that awakening flood of questions and answers.  When I was writing, I was not able to stop.  Writing simply went on for quite some time.  I wrote whatever came to mind.  When the flow did not occur, I would raise a question or two, and the flow would start again.  What has resulted from these efforts is the content of this website as well as my first book, "The Elements of SOUL."

The Hope

I truly feel the contents of this website is based on the most purified and perfected spiritual knowledge.  I hope it will be appreciated by many as a definitive guide on how to awaken oneself about the ultimate reality of the SOUL and how to apply that awakened knowledge to generate real happiness and peace for oneself and others.  I also hope that the non-religious and non-spiritual community of doctors, healers, self-help gurus, philosophers, psychologists and modern evolutionary thinkers will appreciate this website as an authoritative guide to understanding the ultimate building blocks of the SOUL, and thereby awakening the ultimate human power: The SOUL-POWER.  Lastly, I hope the contents of this website will bring completeness to your spiritual journey.

This website is the outcome of years of ardent and consistent spiritual practice.  What I am sharing with you here, you may find frustrating, exhausting, and at times, frightening and intimidating.  But I guarantee that if you take whatever you need from my spiritual work and continue to practice the techniques wisely and make them truly yours, you will get closer to your awakening experience than you ever have been in your life.  How close you get and whether you will ever get there, well, that depends upon you.
Soul Research Institute (S.R.I.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing the means

1. to experientially understand the ultimate truth about you- your


   Mind, &


2. and to use that understanding to awaken


S.R.I. is founded on the following truth realized by its founder and director, Sam Adettiwar:

In order to facilitate experiential understanding of who you really are and subsequent awakening of SOUL Intelligence, S.R.I. has developed two fundamental spiritual disciplines:

   1.SOUL Meditation

   2.SOUL Yoga

At S.R.I., we know that awakening and developing SOUL Intelligence is the most effective and fool-proof way to bring about everlasting happiness and peace to each individual human being and ultimately to all humanity.

About Sam Adettiwar

Sam Adettiwar has a MS in civil engineering (USA) and a PhD in yoga/meditation philosophy (India). He is a successful entrepreneur, a practitioner of yoga and martial arts, a devout meditator, and a spiritual scientist. As the founder and director of Soul Research Institute, he is engaged in spiritual research, writing, and teaching. He currently lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

"The Elements of Soul," a groundbreaking book on spiritual science and practice, was spontaneously written soon after his awakening experience. Below, read his story of awakening.

In 01/2011, Sam Adettiwar was awarded       for his dacade long research work and the publication of his book.

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The Prayer

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“By practicing the teachings contained in this website, may all beings be awakened and become free of imperfections.”

“May all beings enjoy this website, benefit from it, and become happy.”
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The ultimate cause of all human suffering is
which means,
not knowing who you really are.

The ultimate remedy to all human suffering is
(SOUL) Intelligence"
which means,
experientially knowing who you really are
and applying that knowingness in life
to generate happiness and peace."