Moral Recklessness   (mental element 19, Mr)

Moral recklessness is lack of concern (apathy) about immorality. Its’ main characteristic is lack of conscience. Moral recklessness has no morality or caution. It is immodesty. It is lack of disgust for misconduct. It arises due to lack of self-respect. Like delusion, a trace of moral recklessness is present in all unwholesome consciousness. It is strong and obvious in people who are corrupt or wicked.

Moral recklessness is similar to the element of shamelessness, which precedes it. The characteristic difference between them is lack of apprehension (shamelessness) versus apathy about immorality (moral recklessness). These two elements are predominantly responsible for widespread immorality throughout the world. They are present in cultures wherever there is pornography and disrespect for women, and also in cultures where there is rampant cheating, lying, dishonesty, and corruption.