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Just as the idea of physical force is pivotal to describing the mechanics of physical objects, the idea of 'Will' is pivotal to describing the mechanics of non-physical objects such as thoughts. ‘Will’ is a mental force.

The difference between a physical force, such as gravity or electromagnetic force, and a mental force, such as ‘Will,’ is that the physical force arises out of physical energy which simply conserves and mental force arises out of mental energy which does not conserve but evolves. Mental force evolves because it learns from its effects on the environment and vice versa. Moreover, it does not directly cause motion of any kind, but gives rise to physical force which in turn causes motion in space-time.

You cannot wiggle your toes unless there is ‘Will’ to do so. If you contemplate and go deeper, you will realize that, similar to a voluntary action, an involuntary action, such as a heartbeat or breathing, could not occur unless there was ‘Will’ to live.

Our evolution is the proof that mental force such as ‘Will’ exists. Without ‘Will,’ a monkey could not have become a man. Without ‘Will,’ a man could not have stepped out of the cave and reached the Moon. The presence of ‘Will,’ is what makes the human brain different from a computer. A computer works only on physical forces. Our brain works not only on physical forces but also on mental forces (such as ‘Will’) making it an evolving and learning machine.

At least, on an individual basis, we experientially know that without ‘Will’ to wiggle the toe, we cannot wiggle the toe. We cannot personally move or exert force on an object without the underlying force of ‘Will.’ As we become more and more intelligent, one day we may realize that on the universal basis the same is true: Celestial bodies cannot exert force on each other and move without the underlying (and unifying) force of ‘Will’ which I like to call the ‘Universal Will.’




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"The Universal Will is
to Live,
to Love,
to Become Enlightened."


"We are the living links in the Universal Life Force
that moves and plays
around and through us,
binding the deepest soils
with the farthest stars."

From Alan Chadwick

"The universe gives us life and
It transforms.."

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We know that it is the  gravational force which makes the universal objects move but we do not know what causes gravity. Is it possible that, ultimately, it is the 'Universal Will' which causes gravity, which in turn causes physical celestial motion?

Today, I am proposing that, on an individual basis, various parts of our body (from the whole body all the way to cells and subatomic particles) are moving due to the ‘Will to live’ causing motion expressed as individual life. Similarly, various objects in the universe (from the whole universe all the way to galaxies, planets, atoms, and subatomic particles) are moving, ultimately due to the ‘Universal Will to Live’ causing motion expressed as universal life. In other words, just as you are alive, the universe is also alive!

The Universal Will is not just the Will to Live but also to Love and to become enlightened. How and Why? Please listen to the audio to find out.
(Audio is at the top of this column)
-Sam Adettiwar

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