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Last month we talked about karma being a volitional (willful) phenomenon. We also talked about laws and mechanics of karma. Hope you had a chance to test those hypotheses in daily life and develop experiential understanding of karma. Assuming you did, you are now ready to explore subtle matters such as chance, fate, destiny, and luck.

Many deterministic thinkers do not like the idea of the volitional (willful) nature of karma because they believe everything is destined. They believe in fate and providence, and so live passive lives. Some of them who happen to be unsuccessful in life consider themselves unlucky and some who happen to be successful in life consider themselves lucky.

Even great physicists like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein firmly believed that whatever happened in the universe had to be predestined. According to them, the universe ran like a clock. In classical mechanics, there was no such thing as chance. Everything was bound by fate or destiny as determined by the known laws of physics. This was most exemplified by Einstein’s famous statement, “God does not throw dice.”

Although later developments in quantum mechanics decisively proved that everything in the microscopic world is probabilistic and happens by chance (based on conditionality), Einstein was not willing to accept this fact. He even modified his theories of relativity to remove aspects of chance (probability) from quantum mechanics. Another physicist, Niels Bohr, once chided him, “Don’t tell God what to do!” Eventually Einstein gracefully accepted his mistake with a statement, “I have earned the right to be wrong.”

Classical mechanics does not allow chance, and quantum mechanics relies solely on it. In karmic mechanics, on the other hand, chance, fate, and destiny are fundamentally similar except for their potency in generating a particular manifestation of the volitional force.

Fate is stronger than chance. Destiny is stronger than fate. On a scale of probability of generating a particular manifestation, you could say that chance is at the lowest level. Fate is in the middle, thus having a greater chance. Destiny is at the top, thus having the greatest chance. Most of the significant events in our lives occur due to fate or destiny, rather than by chance or luck. Accodring to karmic mechanics, Luck is just another word for chance taken personally.

There is a greater "chance" of leading happy, peaceful lives if we generate wholesome karma. There is a greater "chance" of leading painful, unhappy lives if we generate unwholesome karma.




"If you cann't change your fate, change your attitude."

Amy Van

"Lot of folks confuse bad management with destiny."

Frank Hubbard

"Its in moments of our decisions that our destiny is shaped."

Tony Robbins

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."


"Man's karma and character is his fate."

Based on Heraclitus

"Everyday is a lucky day for an industrious, skillful, wise man."


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Those of us who perform wholesome deeds have a greater chance of having good fortune than those who perform unwholesome deeds. If we choose to perform only wholesome actions and abandon unwholesome actions, consistently and ardently, we can change the direction of our fate and destiny.

However, we must not wait. We must make right choices right now. The longer we wait, the harder it is to change our fate or destiny for good (as we discussed in previous newsletter).

In short, we always have a chance in life to make it better. We are not bound by some fixed fate or destiny. So we need not blame fate or destiny for our misfortunes.
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Nothing goes unnoticed in the universe. As I said in last week's newsletter, karmaic mechanics is a perfect accounting system. It produces immediate results, as well as long-term results that can eventually change our luck. However, do not overreach and try to identify with it or to own it. Just as there is choice but no choice maker, there is luck, but no owner of luck. There is fate, but no owner of fate. There is destiny, but no owner of destiny.

Chance, fate, and destiny are simply volitional phenomena that produce a karmic drama. In this drama, you are stuck playing the lead role as long as you identify with it or “own it” due to ego. When ego is finished, the drama ends, and real life begins. What begins is the unfolding of your real life purpose, leading to happy abiding and bliss.
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