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An attitude is a mindset, a mental position or a mental manner that is built by developing mental qualities. An intelligent attitude is built by developing wholesome mental qualities (virtues), whereas an egoistic attitude is built by developing unwholesome mental qualities (vices).

Non-violence is an intelligent attitude.

Non-violence means not hurting or harming another living being in any manner, and not violating the peace of others. It means becoming non-resistant. In daily life, if you consider this not as a philosophical view, but as a pragmatic definition, it will be of great benefit to you.

Violence generally results from a strong sense of separation between the world and us. Practicing non-violence slowly removes the sense of separation by loosening the grip of the ego. As we loosen up this grip, we become more inclined towards developing loving-kindness and compassion. Ultimately, these two divine qualities no longer remain a mystery. Due to the practice of non-violence, they start making sense as we experience their power in our life.

The virtue of non-violence can be developed through the following practices.

Not killing another living being

Not hurting or harming anyone in any way, either by speech or by physical actions

Not intentionally disturbing others’ peace of mind

Not encroaching upon others’ space, but rather giving space to all to live and evolve

Not forcing or pushing anyone for anything, even with good intentions

Accepting circumstances and situations as they are without resistance and without losing your ground. Be like a bamboo tree, which neither resists strong winds, nor gives up its ground. A bamboo tree simply bends when the wind is strong and stands upright when the wind abates. It “wins” without fighting.

Celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday
Oct 11, 2009, 12.30pm - 3.30pm
* Potluck lunch
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* Kids on-the-spot essay competition, prizes/certificates
* Adults Roundtable Noble discussion on "Non-violence."
Participation is voluntary.
2663 Cinnabar Road
Colorado Springs, CO

Weekly Sunday Meditation Gathering 10-30am -12.30pm
Those who come regularly for weekly meditation gathering are requested to join the celebration.
"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

In addition, the virtue of non-violence can be developed through the practice of soul meditation as follows.

• Remaining mindful of all
physical and verbal actions

• Not reacting to the fearful,
hateful, or unwholesome
thoughts that generate violent

Giving wise attention to the impermanent and impersonal nature of such tendencies, and allowing them to subside in mind on their own before they gain enough strength and turn into violent physical or verbal actions

Concentrating on developing the divine qualities of loving-kindness and compassion

Developing the virtue of non-violence is especially useful for those who are aggressive, possessive, passionate, or hateful in temperament.