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Entrainment means resonating and synchronizing with sound (such as soft music, a mantra, or words spoken in a conversation), becoming one with it, tuning into it. Entrainment gives you a taste of egoless mind (because it temporarily removes separation) and makes you a great listener and a conversationalist. Most importantly, it conserves energy, generates alpha wave rhythms of the human brain, and leads to the experience of peace.

Practice the following meditation to transform the activity of hearing into a portal of entrainment and peace.

To begin, close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and become aware of your breathing. Then, breathe normally and move your attention to your ears. By touching them mentally, try to feel their interior and exterior. Now, listen for a continuous, soft humming sound in the ears, which is always present. Anchor your attention in the ears using that sound. Pursue this action for about five minutes and then let go. Do not be concerned if you are not able to hear the continuous, soft humming sound. Simply keep your attention on the ears.

Turn on a chosen piece of slow, relaxing music or a mantra recording with the sole intention of hearing the gaps of silence that exist between words or musical notes (rather than the music or the mantra itself). Once you have set this intention, start actively listening for the gaps.

While listening to these gaps of silence, anchor your attention on them and hear everything else in relation to the silence. Make a genuine effort to hear it conspicuously. It is easy to hear the gaps of silence if you were able to experience the constant humming sound in the ear in the beginning of this meditation. If at first you have trouble anchoring your attention on the gaps of silence, mentally say the word “silence” while noticing the gaps.

Now, pay attention to sounds or words in relation to the silence that you experienced in the gaps. Due to the contrast, you will become aware of sounds or words as a vibration in the ears. You will be able to feel the sounds or words. The idea here is to become mindful of sounds or words as a feeling (of vibrations).

This practice will help you not to react with craving or aversion to the sounds you hear. This will also help you not to classify what you hear as loud or soft, harmonious or atonal, fair or unfair, praise or criticism. This will help you become equanimous to the screaming of a child or to the sweetness of her laugh, and ultimately it will make you an unconditionally caring person.

If craving or aversion arises to words or sounds, become aware of it and immediately take your attention back to the gaps of silence. Understand experientially how mindfulness of silence facilitates non-reaction to words and sounds.

While listening to someone in a conversation, anchor your attention in the gaps of silence between spoken words and notice how this anchoring automatically results in you not arguing or interrupting to contribute your own comments. Notice how you neither feel shy nor reclusive in conversation when you listen in this manner.



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"...Do not speak unless you can improve upon silence.."

Old Proverb

"Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Silence is the universal refuge..."

Henry David Thoreau

"Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something."


Notice how you become a good listener, how you better understand the other person’s point of view, how you transform negativity into positivity, and how you develop higher sociability. While attending a lecture, notice how you are able to remain non-judgmental and detached from the contents of the conversation by anchoring your attention in the gaps of silence between the words. Notice how easy it becomes to increase your attention span, enabling you to learn faster and have better comprehension of everything you hear.

As you develop the habit of remaining mindful of gaps of silence, a day will come when the gaps will lead you to the undercurrent of silence. In other words, the gaps will serve as a portal to the “ocean” of silence that is ever-existing, but not experienced due to its subtlety. You will begin to abide in this undercurrent as you listen to whatever comes in contact with your ears. You will begin to notice that all sounds are underlain by perpetual silence. It is somewhat like noticing the all-encompassing space that occupies every object in the universe.

The moments of abiding in the undercurrent of silence will become the moments of your entrainment because in those moments you will resonate, synchronize, and become one with whatever you are hearing. In those moments, your being will vibrate in sync with vibrations of the outer world. A crude way of confirming this is to make point of noticing how your heartbeat or pattern of breathing synchronizes with the rhythms of the music or mantra to which you are listening.

The more entrained you become to silence the less separation you will feel. As a result, you will experience liveliness, serenity, and peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life and the raucousness of the modern world.
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