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Weekly Sunday Meditation and Potluck Gathering, 01/24/10

Join us on Sunday, Jan 24, 2010.   Bring your family and friends. 
"A show of envy is an insult to oneself."


"Envy and jealosey is a waste of time."


"Even the general took off his armor to admire the peonies"

There are four intelligent emotions: Loving-kindness, compassion, gladness, and oneness. We have talked about loving-kindness and compassion in the past newsletters. Lets us now talk about gladness.

When it comes to eradicating hatred, anger, resentment, meanness, and so on, the elements of loving-kindness and compassion can do wonders. But when it comes to eradicating jealousy and envy, you need to add the third intelligent emotion to your arsenal: gladness.

You can test the power of gladness by arousing it whenever you sense aversion or envy towards anybody. If you arouse gladness while dealing with highly successful friends, family members, or competitors, you begin to appreciate their successes. This results in pleasantness and happiness because gladness does not allow feelings of envy or aversion to take hold. Instead, gladness permeates consciousness with appreciative joy and makes us feel good.

You can cultivate gladness by simply remembering and contemplating other people’s successes. Start with a person who is very dear to you and who is always glad and very accomplished, or by remembering someone who is always cheerful and brings smiles to you. This person could be your sweet little child, your accomplished adult son, your spiritual teacher, or your best friend. Then, follow up with other successful people who may not be near to you, but who are glad and successful. Finally, remember successful people of whom you are jealous or envious. In that order, remember and contemplate other’s successes. Here is a sample:

“This person is really a happy being.
“He is always smiling, always so cheerful.
“He is, indeed, glad.
“I feel so happy when I think about his successes.
“I feel so happy for him. I feel such a joy.”


Become mindful of pleasant (joyous) feelings that will arise due to wise remembrance. Then mentally iterate what you are feeling. For example:

“Oh! This joy is so wonderful! It is so excellent!”

Now, contemplate as follows:

“Just as I feel happy about this person’s success, may I also feel happy and glad about Mr. Jones (a person you envy).
“May I appreciate his success and accomplishment.
“May I feel joy in that.
“May I become glad.”

Repeat this contemplation for all other people, one by one, in the order specified earlier. Once you are developed and established in gladness, extend your gladness and let it extend out and permeate your world.
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Residential Retreats

Thanks to the selfless generosity of Paul Fuess and Nya Gregor Fluron and the contribution of old students, S.R.I. is now able to offer cost-free meditation and yoga residential retreats in Larkspur, CO, a 15-20 minutes drive from CSprings and 30-45 minutes drive from Denver, CO. Limited seats available. Click here for details and sign-up.

Haiti Contribution

Offerings of $85 collected during our last gathering were sent to Partners In Health, a medical non-proft group working in Haiti for 20 yrs. Thank you for your generosity.

Soul Meditation @
Colorado College

Join us at Shove Chapel on Colorado College campus. Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010, 4.30 pm-5.30 pm followed by noble discussion.
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