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A wholesome mental quality is a virtue whereas an unwholesome mental quality is a vice. Virtues and vices make our attitude.

Following are the top ten virtues because they give rise to a spiritual attitude. Studying and developing them, you will discover that they are fundamentally rooted in the elements of non-greed, non-hatred, and non-delusion, because of which their development results in the most efficient shakeup of the ego and the subsequent loosening of its grip on the mind. Loosening the ego’s grip is the most favorable condition for undertaking any intensive spiritual practice.

On an advisory note: Do not turn the top ten virtues into a doctrine of self-discipline, a system of morality, or religious commandments. If these virtues are treated as disciplines or the basis of morality they actually lose their purifying power.

Virtues are more than moral values. The basic element of virtue is the volition for mental purification and perfection. A self-disciplined and moral person can be arrogant, self-serving, rigid, and extreme, whereas a virtuous person is composed, blameless, and sagacious. He is calm and cool in all his actions, because he avoids all extremes.

1. The Virtue of Non-violence
Non-violence means not hurting or harming another living being in any manner, and not violating the peace of others. It means becoming non-resistant.

2. The Virtue of Truthfulness
Truthfulness simply means being grounded in reality and upholding it. It means not lying. It also means expressing the facts as they are.

3. The Virtue of Non-stealing and Non-exploitation
People steal or exploit others because of fear, envy, greed, conceit, laziness, shamelessness, and boldness. Stealing, exploitation, corruption, and the like are nothing but cowardice in disguise. Every act of stealing, exploitation, and corruption greatly strengthens the unwholesome mind.



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"What is the most valuable thing in the world?..."Virtue."


"Be in general, virtuous, and you will be happy"

Benjamin Franklin

"The firm, the enduring, the simple, and the modest are
near to virtue."

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4. The Virtue of Sexual Piety
Sexual conduct based on conscience and shame (self-respect, respect for others, dignity, and honor) is sexual piety. The virtue of sexual piety is necessary for the removal of greed and lust.

5. The Virtue of Non-indulgence
Non-indulgence is an attitudinal restraint for removing delusion, greed, conceit, and sloth-torpor.

6. The Virtue of Physical Purity
Keeping the body pure and clean, outside and inside.

7. The Virtue of Contentment
Contentment means being satisfied with whatever one has.

8. The Virtue of Austerity
Austerity means wholesome rigor. It does not equate with pain or loss, as is sometimes erroneously believed.

9. The Virtue of Self-study
Self-study means wholesome doing, studying, experimenting, and learning through one’s life experiences.

10. The Virtue of Surrender
A carefree, peaceful mindset is the result of surrender, a virtue that is developed by:
Laying down arms and non-resisting.
Freeing oneself from the burden of judgment.
Freeing oneself from the burden of fighting for justice.
Developing trust in the fairness of the laws of karma (soul mechanics, conditionality, and so on).
Surrendering to the laws of karma as the ultimate authority on delivering justice.