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Contentment means being satisfied with whatever one has and what one is. It is developed by:
Not wanting more.
Having few wishes.

Not wanting more and having few wishes do not mean not having goals. They also do not mean giving up the pursuit of excellence. They simply mean pursuing higher states of mind rather than striving for more and more of the same thing. For instance, if you are a millionaire, become content with that and do not effort to become a multimillionaire. Instead pursue or improve upon your artistic skills, relationships, social involvements, spirituality, and so on. These are higher states of attainment than becoming wealthier and amassing possessions. Unless we are content with the material things and wealth we have, we cannot succeed in attaining higher levels of intelligence.

Contentment ultimately comes only through the purifying effect of meditation—in essence, neither by suppressing desires nor by thinking positively about higher states to temporarily control the desires. Positive thinking is a superficial, cosmetic mental treatment. It just does not go deep enough to transform us. It is superficial because it takes place only at the thinking level and does not reach the depths of consciousness where the roots of greed are embedded. Soul meditation, on the other hand, reaches the depth of consciousness, as it transcends the superficial mental activity of positive thinking and actually eradicates greed, which is the root cause of discontent.

The virtue of contentment is developed by practicing soul meditation as follows.

Becoming mindful of goals, wants, and desires

Not reacting to the feelings that arise from goals, wants, and desires

Giving wise attention to their impermanent and impersonal nature, and allowing them to subside in mind on their own before they gain sufficient strength to turn into cravings and passion

Concentrating on the benefits of contentment and the attainment of higher states of mind.

Practicing soul meditation for developing the virtue of contentment is a means to cultivate a wholesome lifestyle.



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"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need."


"Those who want more than they need, never enjoy what they have"


"Man never has what he wants, because he wants everything."

C. F. Ramuz

"Contentment makes poor men rich, discontent makes rich men poor."

Benjamin Franklin
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Whenever there is a desire or a want, become aware of it and contemplate its nature to find out whether it is a desire for more of the same thing (greed) or a desire to excel and improve. If there is an undercurrent of greed, then simply observe the desire without reacting. Give wise attention to it, which means, not only do a check on greed, but also compare how you feel when you are greedy and when you are content. Become specifically aware of how restless greed makes you feel and how peaceful contentment makes you feel. Reinforce this awareness as much as possible, so that you are more likely to effort to become content than to compete to acquire more.

The virtue of contentment is paramount for the practice of meditation because it is difficult to concentrate if we are constantly thinking about achieving this and achieving that, or becoming this and becoming that. When we are not content, the mind becomes greedy and wanders around like a monkey in search of something to amuse itself. The greedy mind simply cannot remain present in the moment.
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