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It was several years ago. I was watching a TV show related to meditation and wellbeing. I don’t recall the details of the show but one thing I still remember very clearly. As I was watching the speaker, my throat was getting dryer and I was feeling more and more uneasy. Later, when I realized what had happened, I was shocked.

I had known about meditation much more than what the speaker in the show demonstrated. So, while I was watching the show, I hated the fact that I was sitting in the couch alone while the speaker was enjoying all the limelight.

I was jealous!

Due to such realization and due to my understanding of how mind works, I was able to quickly arouse the feeling of appreciation for what the speaker was doing. I purposely made myself happy about the fact that the speaker was going around the country, working hard spreading a message about meditation. I made myself glad about the fact that he was doing the kind of work I so deeply believed in and that he was successful in doing it. No sooner did I arouse gladness, the dryness of the throat and the uncomfortable feeling vanished and I felt joyful, warm. It was a unique kind of lovely feeling–unselfish, altruistic, non-ecstatic.

*  *  *

Gladness is a mental phenomenon which has the characteristic of noticing goodness in others and appreciating and feeling joyful when others are successful. Its function is to remove jealousy, envy, competitiveness, boredom, and discontent. It is manifested as non-aversion. Its proximate cause is noticing others’ goodness, successes, and accomplishments. 

You can test the power of gladness by arousing it whenever you sense envy or jealosey or competitiveness towards your highly successful friends, family members, or competitors. You can also test the power of gladness by arousing it whenever you feel bored and discontent (which is subtle and hard to detect) while dealing with others’ successes. If you do, you will not only experience joy due to others successes but also begin to start feeling confident about your own ability to succeed. You will also notice a definite increase in your capacity to work towards your goals.

Gladness should not be misunderstood as that which simply generates cheerfulness without the removal of envy or jealosey, or that which generates excitement or merriment due to material successes of others. Gladness is defeated when it is considered only as an antidote for removing boredom or aversion. The beautiful quality of gladness is much deeper and exquisite. This will become clear as you mature in it. Sooner or later, gladness will completely transform you, making your disposition unconditionally appreciative, cheerful, and serene.




"Appreciate other's success and experience joy..Become glad."

From the Buddha

"..A person of gladness rarely falls into madness."


"Seeing a starving man we offer him food out of compassion. When we see that he has eaten, that his hunger has ceased, and that he feels happy, then we too feel happy and pleased...this is joy...this is gladness."

U Wanna

"Conquer hatred and ill-will with loving-kindness
Conquer sorrow and pity with compassion.
Conquer envy and jealosey with gladness."

Buddhist teaching

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How to Cultivate Gladness

You can cultivate gladness by simply remembering and contemplating other people’s successes.

Start with a person who is very dear to you and who is always glad and very accomplished, or by remembering someone who is always cheerful and brings smiles to you. This person could be your sweet little child, your accomplished adult son, your spiritual teacher, or your best friend. Then, follow up with other successful people who may not be near to you, but who are glad and successful. Finally, remember successful people of whom you are jealous or envious. In that order, remember and contemplate other’s successes.

Here is a sample:

“This person is really a happy being.
“He is always smiling, always so cheerful.
“He is, indeed, glad.
“I feel so happy when I think about his successes.
“I feel so happy for him. I feel such a joy.”

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Become mindful of pleasant (joyous) feelings that will arise due to wise remembrance. Then mentally iterate what you are feeling. For example:

“Oh! This joy is so wonderful! It is so excellent!”

Now, contemplate as follows:

“Just as I feel happy about this person’s success, may I also feel happy and glad about Mr. Jones (a person you envy).

“May I appreciate his success and accomplishment.

“May I feel joy in that.

“May I become glad.”

Repeat this contemplation for all other people, one by one, in the order specified earlier. Once you are developed and established in gladness, extend your gladness and let it extend out and permeate your world.

*   *   *
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